Whether you're saving for a vacation, a boat for the Chesapeake, or creating a safety net, NBRS helps make it happen while maximizing the earnings on your funds.

  • Auto Save Account

    Auto Save Account

    Make saving money easy and automatic.

    • Connects with any E-Checking Account
    • Automatically transfers interest from E-Checking Account
    • Earns a higher interest rate.

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  • Statement Savings Account

    Statement Savings Account

    This easy-to-manage account makes building your savings as easy as possible.

    • Competitive interest
    • $25 minimum to open
    • Free online banking

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  • Holiday Savings Account

    Holiday Savings Account

    Put aside funds throughout the year to enjoy some stress-free shopping come holiday time.

    • Competitive interest
    • $5 minimum to open
    • Funds disbursed for holidays

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  • Health Savings Account

    Health Savings Account

    Medical expenses can pop up without any warning - don't let them catch you or your bank account off guard.

    • You must be covered under an HSA-approved HDHP
    • You cannot have any other first-dollar medical coverage
    • You cannot be enrolled in Medicare

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